Comprehensive Financial Planning


For people in the accumulation stage of life where an in-depth comprehensive financial analysis can help make life decisions based on several moving factors and savings goals.


Or for clients in the retirement or distribution stage of life. In the distribution phase, sustainability of resources and longevity is our biggest concern; you simply don’t want to outlive your money.


Investment management and strategy implementation can be added to the Comprehensive Planning package. This ensures our ongoing work together. 

Financial planning helps you gain clarity and get organized, allowing you to spend time actually working on your financial wellbeing and protecting your family, rather than arriving at the end of your life half-prepared. 

Who does Elizabeth work best with?


  • Self-actualized entrepreneurs ready to take their business and their life to a next level.

  • Female breadwinners who need to take control of their financial life.

  • Families in times of transition needing college, life insurance planning & cash flow analysis.

Behavioral Finance

Behavioral finance may help sustain the financial planning process in a more effective manner. It is often a preliminary step to the financial planning process.


Taking a deeper look into how we behave with money allows you the space and techniques to undergo a deeper inquiry into your own emotional relationship to money. This helps reveal past histories and beliefs that may be preventing the possibility of financial harmony in your life. When there is greater awareness, the implementation of a financial plan is often easier and brings an added sense of ease. 


Behavioral finance may help release past money trauma, clear up residual conflict between couples, families, and business partners. It offers a self-transformation experience that sheds light on what shaped our past financial decisions and opinions. As we better understand how we were shaped, we can regain control and understanding on how we would like our new financial behaviors to be.

Behavioral finance looks at the roots. It helps create a solid foundation where new seeds can be planted and new visions formed.

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